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The Breakfast in Washroom-I

Boy ,sitting in his hostel room, is in a deep thought.Thoughts from his past are trying to play with his future.Pursuing engineering in a top college, the boy seems to be in argument with the  prediction of a pundit.Pundit had predicted long ago that boy will have inclination towards public life.Boy on the other hand […]

The Breakfast in Washroom-II

It is a cloudy morning with some drizzling and pleasant breeze.The distinctive fragrance of wet soil is further making the weather romantic.The couple are on their way to their office in their pick up cab.Hand in hand, both are feeling happy of embarking on a new journey of ambitions and passions.Both reach the office and […]

The Breakfast in Washroom-III

The challenge from the boss was making the life tough for the boy. More scary was the fact that after two months of training under this boss, the boss was to have the choice whether he wants to keep the graduate trainee or leave him open for other functional units. The investment bank technology company […]

The Breakfast in Washroom-V

The time for the final test had come. Something for which couple had waited for so long. It was nine exams to be given in five days. Three hours in the morning and three hours in the evening without any break. The tough five days were handled ably by the boy. By the end of […]


The Boxing Ring : Bout One

“Sir, the steps have to be a bit swift and keep the fist of your hands very near to your face. Now, as we are running, keep on moving your fists in such a way like we are punching an opponent. One round of this will give us endurance as well as strength”, says the […]

The Boxing Ring : Bout Two

“It was the summer of 1990 and I had reached till the finals of national boxing championship being held in Jabalpur, a city in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. My opponent was a pugilist from Punjab.I was in red and he was in blue.He was defending champion where as it was my first […]

The Boxing Ring : Bout Three!

The friend asks, “Coach, what about Internationals? You were so good, then what stopped you from becoming international Champion?” The Coach smiles and says,”There is something more than competence which decides your career. My stars seem to play with me at that moment. I will tell you the whole story. I was attending the national […]

The Boxing Ring : Bout Four!

After having the cup of coffee, the coach says, “Let’s now call it a day, we will continue the story some other day”. The friend replies, “Your story is a story of a man’s passion and struggle. Make me lucky by letting me listen to it in totality”. The Coach smiles over the subtle appreciation […]

The Boxing Ring : The Final Bout!

It is a pleasant Sunday Morning with clouds casting their shadow on the finals of national championship being held at Hyderabad. The Coach , his wife and the friend have taken the seats at Telangana State Association Lawn tennis Courts.The association is proud owner of beautiful clay courts which have been completely decorated for the […]


A date with a friend!

It is a beautiful evening and the location is even more romantic.A lakeside restaurant in Hyderabad which gives a beautiful view of the Hussain sagar lake.The lake is decorated with the necklace of fluorescent lights and is host to cruising boats. The boy decides to makes this place a starting point of his new relationship.The […]

A girl on the beach

The evening is coming to an end and a young boy is going to Goa to search for his life.Flight lands and there he meets his friends from different parts of the country who are there with almost same objective.Trip starts with midnight casinos  goes through lunch with some marvelous apple pie to finally a […]

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