It is a pleasant Sunday Morning with clouds casting their shadow on the finals of national championship being held at Hyderabad. The Coach , his wife and the friend have taken the seats at Telangana State Association Lawn tennis Courts.The association is proud owner of beautiful clay courts which have been completely decorated for the Under 18 Boys National finals which are just going to commence in some time. The seats are getting quickly filled and the Players are getting warmed up for their final match. The final has to be played between the players from Maharashtra and Telangana. The local population is having keen eye on the performance of the local boy whose rise if not equal is no less than astronomical in the Lawn tennis History of Telangana. The opponent from Maharashtra is a defending champion trained by a top coach of india.
The guest of honour is  the Chief Minister of the state and other top sports officials.The spectators are eagerly waiting for the game to start.The Umpire has taken his position and ball boys are ready on the ground to do their job.The two players go for the for the toss.The local boy wins the toss and chooses to serve while the other player is given a choice to choose the side.The Other player chooses the side which is in the east direction so that if the sun rises the opponent may have to face the scorching heat directly.Both the players get ready for the game after the toss.The local boy puts the spare balls in his pocket with one ball in his hand while he is moving to take the serving position.

The game starts.The first serve is an ace. Ace is a serve where the tennis ball lands inside the service box and is not touched by the receiver; thus, a shot that is both a serve and a winner is an ace. This Ace is nicely placed at the corner of the service box making the opponent completely helpless to tackle it.The crowd appreciates the ace with a loud thunder of applause .The Boy seems to be unperturbed by the initial win,he continues to focus on the ball and the game.The opponent is clearly finding it very difficult to face the charged up boy who is serving at 150 miles per hour and in case the opponent is able to return the serve, the local boy is smashing the ball hard.The opponent is clearly under the pressure but being an experienced player now he tries to slow down the game using chops and placement.

Both the players are fighting it hard by showing top class foot movements and good quality shots.However, the local boy is able to maintain a strong lead. The first set is over and the game is in the favour of the local boy.The crowd is now fully charged up.In a game of three sets, the local boy is leading by 1-0.Both the players take a break after the first set and exchange their sides.The weather which was till now cloudy is now getting cleared with sun rays shining bright.This does not augur well for the Maharshtra boy who is now on the other side where the sun rays are likely to go directly into his eyes.The cap is the only support he has.The second game starts and the opponent starts the serve.The local boy is well aware of the advantage he has due to the sun.He is simply focusing on placement and on burning out the opponent.The opponent tries to speed up the game so as to make it difficult for local boy to have proper placement but the scorching heat is draining energy out of him.

After the initial resistance, the opponent loses the steam and the game is slipping away from his hands.The local boy knows the advantage he has and he keeps on building his points.But the local boy has also a distinct calmness which is generally very difficult to maintain in such an aggressive game.It seems he is determined to celebrate it only once the whole game is in his favour. And as was his target, the local boy wins the game and the celebrations start happening in the crowd with everyone cheering for the great play the local boy has shown.But there is a couple which is crying amidst the jubilant atmosphere in the court.They are the coach and his wife who hug each other while the tears roll down their cheeks.Perhaps, the tears give an indication of something special.Though the friend is able to guess that the local boy is likely to have some connection with the couple but what is the relationship he is still not clear about.

The award ceremony starts and the Chief Minister gives the trophy and cash award of 5 lakhs to the boy for becoming the national champion.The boy is now stopped by the Anchor of the ceremony to say few words on his winning the match.The Boy replies,”I am very happy that I could do this.” The Anchor further asks the boy,”What will you do with the money?” The boy replies,”I will donate it to my coach’s Boxing academy because my dream is to fulfill his dream.It is because of him that I have reached here and I have seen him toiling hard for it.” The anchor asks,”Who is your Coach?”. The boy points towards the coach and says ,”He is my inspiration and my coach.He is my father and a motivator.He is the true winner.If we really want to know about my rise then my coach is right person to answer that.” The Anchor looks at the organizers for the permission and they nod in affirmative.The Coach is called in for saying few words on success of his pupil.

The Coach holds the mic and starts,”My child would not have become a Lawn tennis player if the system would not have stopped me from becoming an international champion.It is the travesty of system that forced me, a national boxing champion, to become a lawn tennis coach.We must remember one thing that system is made to promote individual talent and not withhold it.Unfortunately,that is not happening.More than that , any sports person looks for support from his fraternity but what will an individual do if fraternity fails him.My own coach stopped my entry into internationals and my own colleagues conspired to set allegations against me.Though allegations were never proven but I was demoralized to such an extent that I thought it is better to remain outside the system.A sports person is the epitome of passion and commitment and I feel it is time we respect the important lessons of life that sports teach us all.Let us promote, support and reorient our system so that it is able to fulfill the dreams of our highly talented children.” The crowd gives a big thumbs up to the words of the coach.

Now the chief minister is called upon to say few words.The Chief Minister smiles and says,”When I was watching the game of the boy.I asked who was his coach and I was told everything about the coach.It is very sad that the coach had to go through this but it is never late to rectify our mistake.I hereby announce full support to Coach’s boxing academy and also appoint him as the expert on the committee to review the career options for sports persons.I will only say that your struggle will not go waste and we will revamp our system because there is no power in the world that can stop the rise of our children and even if any such power exists then we will defeat it.The time has come to carve out a distinct place for ourselves in the world of sports and we will make it happen.” The Chief Minister hugs the coach and congratulates the family for the perseverance and positive attitude it has shown.The crowd stands up with a thunder of applause and all the eyes are carrying the hope that this day is likely to alter the course of sports in the state forever.