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GST’s Big Data is a Gold Mine

Implementation of Goods and Services Tax(GST) is based on a strong technology platform.While technology has created certain complications for the end users but it is the back-end of GST which is generating some really valuable Big data.As the name suggests, Big data is a high volume, high velocity data from which variety of meaningful information […]

GST-Compliance in Railways is a story of vision and mission

At every GST council, one request from the Industry remains constant.The request to postpone the filing of annual return GSTR-9 as it still struggles to comply with the same. GSTR-9 in its present form remains very complicated with details of all the transactions to be summarized in a single return.Imagine, for organisations like railways this […]

Limiting ITC is hurting the very idea of GST

Goods and Service tax collections are facing a tough time. The collections remain below the target and this is giving government a fiscal headache. The Government has thus decided to plug the loopholes in the procedures that can be exploited by the businesses. One such loophole is claiming of input tax credit by the buyer […]

GSTR 9-Understanding Railways data Conundrum

As the deadline for GSTR 9 is approaching, there is a consternation on how various railways can solve the data conundrum related with GSTR 9 in order to complete it in a time-bound fashion.This article is an attempt to share the methodologies which South Central Railway has been using in order to analyse various types […]

Technology is hurting GST’s compliance rate

Goods and Services Tax is arguably one of the most meticulously planned indirect tax systems that India has ever envisaged. Technology has been extensively used in order to ensure that every transaction gets accounted for and every penny is paid to the government that is due towards it.GSTN i.e. GST Network has developed a strong […]

GST is flirting with the contract conditions!

Taxation forms inevitable part of any contract. It is so close to contract conditions that any change in its nature is likely to have a tremendous impact on contract. GST (Goods and Services Tax) is one such change which has shown the courage to flirt with contract conditions. And this time it is romantic enough […]

Time to end Gabbar’s role in GST

Any good movie cannot become interesting without the presence of a villain and ultimately , the villain should get defeated. Goods and Services Tax has a same story with some structural flaws still playing a role of villain amidst our incessant attempts to ensure that those flaws are removed.But before we attempt to remove the […]

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