New team has a different culture altogether.The manager of the team is more focussed on having a delivery system rather than settling the personal scores.He quickly realises that the boy and the consultant have not worked on the application.The other manager’s trick was now laid bare in front of him.He gave the duo enough time to get a grip on the new application.The duo were now feeling comfortable.The deck of cards were falling into place.The boy realized that this is no less than a miracle.Efforts were doubled to ensure that no stone is left unturned. Whether it is day or it is night, the only focus is to do justice to both professional commitments and justice to the personal ambitions.

Meanwhile, the girl is also enjoying her job.She is a beautiful, mature and a very pleasant girl.Undoubtedly, her charm offensive is crushing the boys of the batch.One of the batch-mates seems to have fallen in love with her but realising that she is already committed , he was happy to remain her friend.The girl was spending more time with her friends rather than her boyfriend.The boy who had crush on her was the one with whom the girl was sharing most of her thoughts these days.Both had developed a good friendship over a period of time.The girl’s boyfriend knew about the friendship of the two but was very sure of the girl’s commitment.Undoubtedly, the girl’s commitment was impeccable.

However, the boy’s insecurity was now increasing day by day.He asked the girl,”You will not leave me,right?”.The girl replied,”Why do you think so?”.The boy says,”I feel He likes you and may have crush on you.”.The girl says,”No!No! we are just friends and I don’t think he likes me.You should not worry about that”.The boy says with a heavy breath,”Okay!”.Incidentally, all the graduate trainees are suppose to go for international trip.All the trainees leave for Los Angeles where as the boy pretends that he has some domestic problems and he can’t go for training abroad.The boy’s girlfriend along with other batch-mates leave for the training to California.The boy’s heart sinks and somewhere the heart says something is going wrong.

New delhi and Los Angeles have time difference of over 12 hours.So, when there is day in Delhi, the Los angeles is having night.When ever the boy calls , girl is not able to pick up the phone and whenever the girl calls, the boy is not able to pick up the phone.The communication falls to abysmal low level.The first weekend came and the two could finally get some time for each other.In her conversation, the girl is all praise for the boy who has got crush on her.She tells her boyfriend that how good a person he is and how he takes such a good care of her.The boyfriend’s heart sinks.While he keeps listening patiently, his insecurity increases.In her every conversation, the other boy used to come inadvertantly.The boy lost his patience.He says,”I dont want you to talk to him.”The girl says,”Are you doubting me?”The boy says,”I am not doubting you but you please don’t talk to him.”

The girl starts feeling low after her conversations with her boyfriend.She cannot severe the ties with her friend just because her boyfriend is insecure.She continues to maintain cordial relations with the friend while her relationship is deep into turbulence.Gauging the turbulence in relationship of the girl, the friend who had crush on her revealed his feelings to her.The girl is astonished on what was happening.She didn’t say anything and just boarded the flight.After landing in New Delhi, She straight away calls her boy friend and wants to meet him.The girl says,”I am sorry,I should have taken your views into consideration.I didn’t know he had feelings for me.”The boy says,”You are charming and he is not wrong in having feelings for you.I too was wrong in getting too much insecure.I love you and don’t want to lose you.Please always stay beside me”.Both  hugged each other tightly with tears rolling down the cheeks of the couple.Perhaps, they had just saved their relationship.