The challenge from the boss was making the life tough for the boy. More scary was the fact that after two months of training under this boss, the boss was to have the choice whether he wants to keep the graduate trainee or leave him open for other functional units. The investment bank technology company had three main functional units. They were settlements , risk and front office technology. The boy was lucky to get the training in Front office technology which was considered prestigious. He was more lucky to find some good friends in his team. Out of all, one friend stood out. A superb coder and a consultant , this friend had struck the chord with boy’s ambitions. What was difficult for boy to understand and code, his friend could do in few minutes. The boss was now beautifully getting managed by the duo.
Friends generally have something in common. The duo also had something in common. Both had very different ambitions as compared to organisational goals. While manager wanted to grow within the organisation , the duo wanted to grow outside the organisation. The war lines were clearly drawn. The boss was shrewd and intelligent too. When the time came for absorbing the boy in his team. The Manager started the big game. He clearly said to the HR team that the boy has different interests and is likely to resign. Since, boy was now designated as potential resignation, no manager was ready to take the boy in his team. All the graduate trainees were absorbed but the boy was in limbo. Director of the company summons the boy. Director says, “I have got to know you have other ambitions. Why are you wasting your time. If you are here , do the work or else better is to resign.” The boy shows courage and replies, “Sir I have always remain sincere to my job and I will always remain. My personal ambitions would not clash with my responsibility at job.” The pressure to resign was averted at last by the boy.
But Boss had the advantage in the whole game. He proposed to keep the boy in his team only if the boy was given as an extra resource which would increase manager’s span of control. So the manager could use boy’s weakness to his advantage and increase his own strength. But Boy was clearly under pressure now. He speaks to his girlfriend, “I think I must resign, it is getting too much now”. Girlfriend replies,” No one stops you, but to the extent I know you , you will be under more pressure after you resign”. She further says,” Everyone has their own nature, follow yours and don’t go by what others say”. The boy nods but is not fully convinced. That night, resignation is typed by the boy. Whole night boy keeps on thinking. It seems boy has made up his mind to resign.
The breakfast next morning is in the cafeteria of the office instead of washroom. Boy, his girlfriend and the techno-gem friend are all sitting together. Boy says, “I have decided to resign.”.His friend replies,” That’s good , so no more breakfast in washroom, no more reading books through earphones and no more you meeting me and your girlfriend at least in office.”The girl friend says, “Now you can sit at home and relax ,sleep for six hours or more and importantly what you study in washroom in forty minutes, now you can take four hours for that. The friend adds,” Not to forget the joy of being at home, when all your friends are doing job.” The boy angrily replies, “You people don’t have the confidence in me that is why you are sarcastically saying all this.” The girl replies, “We are confident of you, only three months are left for your examination. Don’t break the momentum and also not let your boss win. You are still to fight this out, don’t run away.” The friend nods and says, “We are with you, don’t fall into trap of your boss”.

All the dust gets settled down, the resignation letter remains in the pocket of boy.The duo are now putting their best to help each other. While the techno friend keeps discussing his ideas about his start up with the boy, the boy keeps on learning from the techno friend. Both have finally got into their seats but the boss had yet not conceded defeat. The boss who was heading multiple applications got another chance to discharge the duo. This time by deceiving the manager of other team. One of the application was getting transferred to the other team and with that some people were also expected to be transferred to that team. The duo ,who had never worked on that application, were projected by the manager as experts on that application. And to their surprise , duo were transferred to other team and were again put to challenge. So , finally the direct encounter with this manager was over and the duo was to face a new boss. Boy says to his girlfriend,”Only stars are managing this, but which way the things will go is uncertain”.The girl holds boy’s hand,”If stars are playing this game, then only something bright can happen.Don’t Worry!.”

New Boss, New team, New chapter 🙂