It is a cloudy morning with some drizzling and pleasant breeze.The distinctive fragrance of wet soil is further making the weather romantic.The couple are on their way to their office in their pick up cab.Hand in hand, both are feeling happy of embarking on a new journey of ambitions and passions.Both reach the office and are amazed by the swankiness of the corporate office.Glass doors , clean floors , attractive lighting, modern accessories and well dressed people all were making it glittery for the college couple who were feeling ecstatic about being in such place.The company has a great tradition of having morning breakfast for all employees together.Young graduate trainees who have their first day of their office will also join for the breakfast.This Breakfast is different for the settled members of the company too.Seeing young bright trainees is injecting the feeling of youthfulness and energy in the members of the organisation.

With the breakfast over, the couple are now settling into the work environment along with other graduate trainees.The day passes and the dawn has now transitioned to dusk.Time passes quickly in the corporate job.The romantic starting to this job was not leaving any time for the boy to study for his civil services examination.Stressed and depressed , the boy starts becoming aloof.He talks less with his girl friend and feels the pressure of hurting his dreams.Pissed off with himself, he starts complaining to his girl friend that he is not able to find time for his dream.He is feeling that he is losing away all the gains he had made earlier.The girl seems to be tensed too.She very well understood where the boy’s heart was.The girl gave a terse reply to boy.She said,”You should not have your breakfast with me”.Boy is astonished at her reply.He says,”Are you kidding?”.She maintains composure and says, “I m not kidding”.Boy asks the girl angrily, “Then, where should I have my breakfast?”.The girl smilingly replies,”Washroom!”.The boy starts thinking about it.Girl calms down the boy,”I am not going anywhere. I relish your company but I can’t see you sad and low.You should save all the time in the world and put whole of your heart into what you love”.

The boy’s mind steadily gets positive and starts looking at all the time when he can study.The morning cab, where earlier both were generally found  hand in hand, now had a different scene.The girl started reading novels in the cab and the boy started reading history books.Once, they reach the office.The girl used to proceed to have breakfast where as the boy will go to swanky washroom to study.The seats which people generally use for clearing their bowel movements were now being used by the boy to open his books and study under the dim light of the washroom.The office washroom has its own dynamics.The lighting system of the washroom is attached to sensors which senses the movement of people.So , it is necessary that some flow of people is constantly there in washroom to keep the lights lit.Luckily for the boy, breakfast is the time when people constantly come to washroom for multiple reasons.

The days passed away quickly and the boy seemed to be gearing up for his goal.But on one evening when the office timings were just about to get over. The boy’s boss calls him up and says ,”I want this work by tomorrow.You don’t seem to focus on your job”.The boy replies ,”Sir, I will do it”.The girl had already left for home but the boy was still engaged in the work till the late night.This started happening every day.The boy called up his girl friend.He says,”I miss you a lot.Even when we are in the same office , we are hardly getting time to meet.Moreover, the boss seems to take joy out of deliberately stopping me after the office hours.I am not able to understand what is happening”.The girl replies,”I miss you a lot too but now you can’t lose heart.It is not only you who are attached to your dream but it is also my loneliness which is waiting for your destination.There is no other way but to win”.The boy replies,”I want to but don’t know how will I manage this Boss”.The girl says,”the stars will manage it , just don’t lose your focus.When it gets tough , just politely refuse your boss to stay after office hours”.The boys asks girl,”I have one more fear that you will leave me”.The girl laughs,”I have already left you”.The boy shockingly asks,”What?”.The girl smiles,”only to get you for whole of my life, so better work hard and manage your boss.”

Will the boss get managed? In the next part 😀