Boy ,sitting in his hostel room, is in a deep thought.Thoughts from his past are trying to play with his future.Pursuing engineering in a top college, the boy seems to be in argument with the  prediction of a pundit.Pundit had predicted long ago that boy will have inclination towards public life.Boy on the other hand seems to be more interested in pursuing a corporate life.Both the sides start their arguments.Young boy should choose modern occupation which are heavily paying and cosy or he should choose traditional occupation of governance where things are archaic and systems opaque.Days pass away in this confusion.The college decides to have first ever hostel elections.The post of Hostel Secretary seems to be wide open for competition.Boy takes a call that if he wins this elections and enjoys the job, he may well tread the path laid down by pundit.

Election nomination starts, Boy files his nomination along with many other contenders out of which one seems to be a very strong competitor.The competitor had good resources in terms of money and power where as the boy had good image and passionate oratory on his side.The election propaganda starts.Boy promised digital hostel, reading rooms and transparent mess accounts.The competitor promised lower mess rates , more hostel parties and relaxed timings.The clash seemed to be very close.Two of them seem to be fighting closely for the coveted post.The competitor seemed to have more edge and the boy was now feeling the heat of elections.However, just one day before elections, Inspection squad got a tip off on the use of alcohol and drugs in the election campaign of the competitor.A raid was conducted and it was found that the competitor was involved in a racket of stealing voltmeter and ammeter from the labs.The copper used in these instruments was taken out and sold  to fund drugs and alcohol for the campaign.The competitor was caught red handed.The election now became a cake walk for the boy who wins it by a thumping majority.

The hostel Secretary starts implementation of his manifesto.The Hostel gets distinction of first ever wifi model of internet in public-private partnership mode.The reading room, gaming room and recreation room all get a facelift.The mess accounts were thrown open and participative committees were formed to encourage participative governance.The boy was now feeling satisfied and enthusiastic.He started to believe that may be pundit’s prediction was the destiny in making.The confusion was now clearly being resolved in order to pursue a career in governance.The obvious choice for the studious boy was to start preparing for the bureaucracy.The preparation starts and the dream of having an impeccable public life starts getting consolidated.The graduation comes to an end and the boy has again a dilemma. A job offer from a multinational company and the entry into examination cycle.Generally, first is left in favour of the second as it is one of the toughest competition that witnesses clash of passionate and hardworking people.

The character of boy was now in question.Does he have the courage to leave the job for his dreams?What is his risk appettite?Decision was tough and tension was building up.The boy starts spending his time in parties and trying to find answer in the unconsciouness of alcohol.Finally, the farewell day had come, a girl who liked the boy for his innocence and sincerity was able to read his emotions.Both were having dance on the floor and the girl said,” You have turned unromantic”.The boy answers,” My mind has got preoccupied with multiple thoughts”.The girls asks,” Is it more difficult than liking someone but not telling that person”.The boy answers,” It is like loving your dream but not letting the cosiness of surroundings go away”.Girl answers sweetly, “When you are in love you have to keep faith in it.Follow your dream , no one stops you.Similarly,I will love you , no one stops me”.The boy looked in the eyes of the girl and realised the power of her words.The college was finally over and both joined the jobs in the beautiful weather of monsoon.

The next part will be published in ‘The Breakfast in the Washroom-II’.