The evening is coming to an end and a young boy is going to Goa to search for his life.Flight lands and there he meets his friends from different parts of the country who are there with almost same objective.Trip starts with midnight casinos  goes through lunch with some marvelous apple pie to finally a cool evening at the beach.Cool breeze , rhythmic waves and the lit up shacks are a perfect setting for a refreshing beer.To accompany beer, hookah is the obvious choice to let the smoke cover the conversation of young boys.Lucky is one of them who has his face towards the sea shore and could mix the smoke with the beauty of water.But waves begin to slow down and smoke starts to settle down.As the smoke is clearing the illusion, another attraction is capturing the eyes of the young boy.A girl with hair lifted by the wind cut across the view of the boy.The eyes of the boy follows the course of the girl only to find that she would walk away with her friend to settle in at some other shack not very far away.Boy faces a dilemma , to go or not to go.To ask her or not to ask her.she barely knows him.Refusal is very likely but if she goes away , the chance of ever meeting her seems equally dim.A call is taken and the boy goes to  table of the lady to ask her for a drink.The fears sometimes come true and the girl politely refuses the proposal of the boy.

For the boy, things have settled down and the evening seems to be primarily more about beach than the girl.Time has come to leave the beach and the group of boys starts to leave and suddenly they hear some good music and the instant decision was to have some dance.Energy and music on the floor, the dance seems to be some respite for the boy with broken heart.Slowly, the dance floor is getting crowded and the lights are getting dimmer.Groups rotated the dance with each other and so did the the people.Boys and girls try to match their steps with the music and constantly wave themselves to the tunes of the songs.The girl in white and the boy in blue are yet to meet again on the dance floor.This stage is quite different than the earlier one.Boy hesitantly asks the girl for dance and to his surprise the girl agrees for it.Eyes in eyes and it is a mysterious encounter for both of them.Both of them don’t have an idea of what was going on.It was just the flow of beach which is playing the story.Dance gets over and its time for both to go.

The boy is not able to move but the girl shyingly starts to move away.The boy asks the girl will you meet me again.She politely replies ,”On my birthday!”.The boy asks her when is her birthday and she says,” today!”.The  boy says that he has a gift for her.Girl astonished at the wittiness of guy waits to see what the boy was upto. The boy takes an apple pie from the shack and puts the candle on it from the lamps kept aside to wish her birthday.The feelings of girl starts to  match the feelings of the boy and suddenly clock struck midnight.The girl starts to leave , the boy holds her hand and gestures not to leave.The girl says my birthday was over and now we need to leave.The boy remarks , “I like you!”.The girl smiles and answers, ” I like you too but i am  engaged to some one”.Shocked after listening to her, boy asks why didn’t she tell him this earlier.She again smiles and says ,”Had your feelings be then less for the girl on the beach?.The girl on the beach will always like you but I will have to go”.The boy gets his answer and smiles sweetly at girl.He says to the girl,”the beach owes this evening to you and me.So, let us end it together”.Both smile, hold each other’s hands and accompany each other to their departure vehicles to part their ways happily.