The time for the final test had come. Something for which couple had waited for so long. It was nine exams to be given in five days. Three hours in the morning and three hours in the evening without any break. The tough five days were handled ably by the boy. By the end of the examination, the boy was satisfied with his performance. The results came and the boy was called for the interview. The girl kisses the boy and says,Congratulations! My boy”. The boy replies, “Couldn’t have been possible without you”. The girl says, “Go ahead and make me proud, my love”. The time has come for interview preparation and boy dedicatedly tries to hone his communication skills and opinions on various issues.
Finally , the d-day comes and it is boy’s turn to attend his interview. The boy enters the interview room. He wishes good morning to the chairman and the other four members. The bright swanky room was all ready for hosting the interview. The Chairman asks the boy, “Why you want to become civil servant?”.The boy answers, “Mam, I want to improve the system by making it more transparent and efficient.”Chairman asks, “Ok, we will make you director of defense procurement. What will you do?”.The boy replies, “Mam, I will implement e- tendering and have a proper vendor development policy so that quality procurement takes place at competitive price”. The Member to the right of the boy asks, “What type of music do you like?”.The boy replies, “Sir, I like romantic, patriotic and sufi Rock”. Member says, “Ok, sing a romantic song”. The boy sings, “Tumhe dekha toh yeh khayal aaya….”.The member and chairperson are happy to see romantic part of the boy. But test on patriotism is still left. He is further asked to tell the name of the poet who wrote ‘ae mere watan ke logo’. The boy answers that it is Kavi Pradeep who has written this beautiful song.
Now the time came for strategic questions.A member asks the boy,”What should we do on offensive side if pakistan attacks our nation again like mumbai attacks”The boy replies,”Sir, we need to go for surgical strikes across Loc”. The Member feels impressed.The chairman asks,”What is your opinion on insurgency in balochistan,should india support it or not?”.The boy diplomatically replies,”Mam, personally I am not in favour of insurgency but if it comes in national interest we may not be able to rule out such an option”.The chairman further asks the boy,”You are a software engineer .Tell me all the layers of OSI model”.The boy tries to answer the question Layer by layer.Chairperson further asks the boy to differentiate between tcp ip and OSI model.The boys sincerity at the job had paid off. He was able to accurately tell the difference between the two.Impresssed with boys answer, the chairperson escalated the level of interview.The boy was given pen and paper.The chaiman asks,”You have 12 trees, you have to arrange them in six rows of four trees each”.The boy starts drawing patterns.The Chairman gave a hint that it was flag of a nation.Finally, the boy could solve the puzzle”.A smile was visible in the room. The interview was over.
The boy came out of the room , removed his tie and said to his girl friend, “I think I am coming closer to you”. The girl replies,”My boy is becoming so romantic today”. The boy says, “Because the long journey seems to come to an end. I want to relax in your arms”. The girl replies, “Now will you hug me or should I hug you”. The boy relaxingly laughs and hugs the girl. Hand in hand and smile matching with the smile , the couple walks down the lane of love.