It is a beautiful evening and the location is even more romantic.A lakeside restaurant in Hyderabad which gives a beautiful view of the Hussain sagar lake.The lake is decorated with the necklace of fluorescent lights and is host to cruising boats. The boy decides to makes this place a starting point of his new relationship.The couple enters the beautiful place and settles in at the table just on the edge of deck.The candle light is very carefully placed in the middle of table to make the moment special for the couple.

The boy is wearing a smart black blazer and lady is in beautifully designed black dress.The couple are matching the grace of beautiful full moon light that is sprinkling its light on lake water.The boy says to girl,”I want to start this date with a toast to this beautiful evening.”The girl pleasantly smiles and the boy calls in for a toast of red wine.The girl says,”You are looking very handsome in this blazer.”The boy returns the compliment,”This is just to raise myself to your beautiful attire.Your dress is very fascinating and is adding to your elegance”.The girl smiles in full swing.

The girl asks boy,” Why do you want to date me?” The boy lightly replies,”I had gone through your Facebook profile.I found you attractive.” The girl curiously asks,”So are you only attracted to my beauty?” The boy cautiously replies,”No No, I also like that you are from technology background and I am also a program manager so we may tune in.” The girl starts looking around and is not clearly pleased with the boy’s idea of dating her.The girl decides to test it further.She says,”I like meeting different people.I like reading novels as well as have a deep political orientation.” The boy in his natural flow rubbishes the politics as a murkier thing which one should generally ignore.The boy orders some snacks and drinks.The girl is now looking towards the lake which is reflecting the light of the moon.She is noticing the beautiful waves, the ripples and the romantic touch of breeze.

The boy keeps on telling about himself but the gut feeling of the girl had given her an indication that something was going wrong.She is now totally distracted and is just letting the time pass.Her mind is confused whether to give it one more shot or just wait for the date to end.The boy after a point of time realizes that the girl is not interested in his conversation.The boy asks,”I think I said something wrong that your response is  becoming low.” The girl hesitantly replies,”It’s not that but I feel my interests are very different from you.The boy says,”We all are different and that doesn’t mean that we cannot date.” The girl very maturely says,”See, we all are like water of this lake and have an independent identity but what we look for is a particular type of breeze.Breeze which will touch us , create ripples and make some noise.” The girl further says that the best part is that  both are natural and completely in each other’s flow.

The boy feels disappointed and says,”Can’t I be that breeze”.The girl smiles,”Definitely, you will be but I am not sure whether I am that lucky lake.” The boy expresses his emotions as the things are not going the way he planned.The girl too feels odd.The girl says,” I want to propose something.Can I?” The boy says ,”Go, Ahead!”. The girl says,”Let us redefine this date as a dinner because it would be unfair to spoil the respect we have for each other.” The boy smiles and says,”Today I realize why it is so important to become friends before we can date someone”.The girl say,” I also just realized that”.The boy smiles and says,”So may I propose to become your friend.” The girl raises the final toast and says,”That’s my pleasure,Mr Handsome”.Both put an end to date and start the beautiful phase of friendship.