India is a peculiar country. Whenever something good happens in the society, the good is attributed to action of  the leader and whenever something wrong happens, everyone starts searching fault in the stars.The stars, on the other hand, have been wondering that they are same for all the societies but why the Indians keep on maligning them for everything when it is the actions of the society itself which is responsible for its fate.

India’ s new generation, which has aspirations to live in a better country, has got shackled by the capture of elite positions by those who by and large carry the traditions of nepotism, corruption and favoritism. Merit in India is a secondary proposition.Those who are occupying elite positions are not necessarily meritorious.India has still not realized that inheritance of powerful positions is more dangerous than inheritance of wealth.Inheritance of wealth merely perpetuates economic inequality but inheritance of powerful positions perpetuates social demoralization.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s action has been criticized that he did not fight nepotism but opted for suicide.But if one sees from his perspective,it may be a choice that deemed better than living in a world which is made for a few while others are just compromising with their dreams.Why should a meritorious Indian make a compromise with the fact that he cannot fight with entitled lot? Why at all there should be an entitled lot in a democracy like India? Entitlement, if any, has to be only personal but not professional.Sadly, in India professional entitlement is pervasive across politics, bureaucracy and Industry.

Indians should realize that we may keep counting our stars but till we start distinguishing between ‘meritorious entitlement’ and ‘non-meritorious entitlement’, nothing much will change.Many young people will just keep working hard with no social mobility and continue to leave their fate in the hands of those who have got their position in entitlement.The attitude of India’s post 1991 generation should be of contempt towards entitlement and not towards compromise and adjustment.

Many bright and hardworking Indians keep on applying for permanent residency of other countries not because they don’t want to live in the country but because our feudal traditions do not value their aspirations and ambitions.A society that worships power and wealth irrespective of the means through which it is acquired cannot progress much.Thus, India needs to categorically reject any kind of non – meritorious entitlements and show utter disregard to those who promote it.The reins of society must be handled by only those who really care for society not by those who are perpetuating personal empire by riding on the aspiration of others.