Amidst uncertainty and fear, India, the roaring lion is slowing down. Corona-virus has not only impacted India’s speed and agility but is now psychologically playing with the Indian mind. Most of the market surveys indicate that India’s consumer confidence is at lowest in decades and the people, in general, are not feeling confident about economy.To add to their woes, the worsening health situation due to pandemic is now testing the nerves of Indian household. The combination of health and economic crisis along with sad episodes of political goal scoring on media is at the root cause of the anxiety an average Indian household is facing.

India’s lock-down and unlock-down are similar in a way that both were knee-jerk and unprecedented. When cases were coming in hundreds, people were sitting inside and when cases are coming in tens of thousands, people are roaming without any restrictions. Complete Lock-down aggravated the economic situation and complete un-lockdown is aggravating the health crisis due to corona-virus.The result is that a person who once gets caught in any of these crises is seeing an immediate lowering of his or her morale. Further, the low sentiments are now visible in workplace struck by corona-virus where employees are dumbstruck on what to do. Should one take leave or should one risk oneself with corona? No one has a clear answer. Humans are emotional beings and their psychological state of mind makes a big impact on their physical, economic and social well being.The fear seems to be making grip on Indian mind.

Is this fear unreasonable or is it for real? Corona-virus is a health pandemic and Indians are very well aware that their country has under-invested in health sector over the years. The confidence in government hospitals is shaky because of general apathy received in government hospitals.The private sector is better in customer experience but the financial exploitation associated with it continues to be there in times of corona. As a result, one is very fearful of what happens to oneself if one becomes a victim of corona. Unfortunately, even governments are not instilling any confidence in people. The fight over hospital beds is useless because if one percent of India’s population gets infected by corona-virus,then we won’t find any beds.There is a urgent need to change discourse.

First, the daily bulletin by health ministry should be more about how to handle oneself if one gets affected by Corona.Rather than wasting time on data analytics and stage of transmission, Governments needs to put a firm Home-care plan, standardize home-care treatment and give people confidence that home-care will be able to help majority of the patients.Secondly, total unlock-down is absurd and beyond logic.The idea to open need based markets and in shifts must be explored.The idea of opening religious institutions needs to be urgently re-visited. It is time for even our Gods to give us blessing from a social distance and dole out His wealth to poor and needy. Thirdly, the thinking that unlock-down will revive the economy is totally devoid of any substance.The fear that corona is creating has the capacity to clinch economy like pneumonia which will lead to utter chaos.

India cannot afford to feel low and shattered.Keynes while using the word animal spirits had argued that behaviour of the humans has big role to play in the economy.A sense of confidence has to be maintained and constant communication between health experts and society is required.Correct and relevant information should be communicated through regular bulletin and people should be constantly reminded of do’s and don’ts. India should now stop worrying about numbers and brace to tackle the crisis.Every moment should be just about to take the most logical step and then, just leave on to God.The things will definitely fall in place.