Whenever I see the clock, it keeps doing tik tik tok. The only way I can stop it is to remove its battery. Alas, it doesn’t serve the purpose because it may stop the clock but doesn’t stop the time. Time is a continuous cycle of daily natural events which occur naturally and humans have no role in that. Interestingly, time also controls human biological clock. From birth to death, time will keep on ticking and it depends on human what he chooses to do with that time. However, not everything is a choice. Humans don’t have a choice to eat or not and thus, require something to eat. Similarly, clothing is essential to protect oneself from vagaries of weather. The minimum biological needs require that some activity has to be done by human. And this is why the show must run.

When Arjuna asks Lord Krishna on why he should fight the war and insisted that he would like to attain salvation by becoming ‘gyanyogi’ and not by becoming ‘Karmayogi’ as the latter can be painful. Lord Krishna’s answer was simple that even a gyan yogi i.e a person with high level of knowledge also cannot escape ‘karma’. A person will be required to breath, eat and walk as a minimum to carry on his activity. The hint was simple and straightforward. Nature doesn’t like inactivity. Life is nothing but a story of animation where people are either bound to act or bound to react. Something will occur and it will occur involuntarily. In fact , 70 to 80 percent of time, human is only giving a response to a situation rather than acting voluntarily.

Every situation will have some outcome. The outcome can be favourable, unfavourable or irrelevent. The problem starts when turmoil of human emotions starts taking these events too seriously and gives an emotional response to such outcomes. For example, failure in exams may simply demoralize a student to a point that he may not like to study again. Failures in professional life may push ambitious people into depression and people struggling in personal life may simply give up on their personal aspirations. The show can get stopped and stopped forever but time will not and gradually, if a person is lucky enough, he may realize that his stopping the show has only compounded his problem.

Thus, it is important that whether there is a loss or a win, the show must run. There can be no single defining moment in life except death where the show should stop. Managing household issues to professional issues require one single minded focus that the show must run and it must run at cost which is in control. Stopping the show just because it is unmanageable or because the related costs take unjustifiable priority while organizing the show may only compound the stress on mind. A stress free routine is possible only if we let the horses of daily life run and keep the overall system in control. No man is self-sufficient and a team both at home and office is important to run the show .

Human capacities are magical and when like minded people come together, they not only make the show run but make it run better. It is not about their effort but about their understanding of life and time that helps them take right decisions which in turn helps in smooth functioning of their routine activities. History is the story of people who understand that it is better to ride the time rather than watch the time. Those who ride the time , master the time management and do what they want to do and those who watch the time simply see them getting older everyday. Thus, Let us settle within ourselves the realization that we are the master of our fate and that is reflected in the show we run.