If you are wondering that ‘Pretty Woman’ here is metaphorical for romanticism of youthfulness then you are somewhat correct.And if it is able to make you nostalgic about ‘Pretty Woman’ song from a very popular hindi film ‘Kal ho na ho’ then you are absolutely correct.It was a thoroughly enjoyable song. Isnt it? But was it an original song or an adaption of an english song? The original ‘Pretty woman’ was written and recorded by Roy Orbison in 1964 and was adapted in the film ‘Kal ho na ho’ in 2003.And this is not an extrapolation but a publicly declared fact on the official social media page of Roy Orbison.But yes, music is universal and should be enjoyed despite its origins but this is not about music it is about lack of confidence in our ability to create something original.

The replication of western products in Indian Markets have been rampant.Bollywood has been leading such replication from the front and it is not the only Industry in India to do so.Most of the modern concepts in commerce as well as e-commerce are borrowed from west.This is widely symptomatic of social currents of Indian society where westernization is pervasive and pure imitation of western concepts is considered appreciative.The casualty of such a social phenomenon is original thinking and confidence in creating new products.While many say Indians are risk averse but more than risk-aversion, Indians are victims of flooding of western products and their uncritical adaption in the Indian society.This is the precise reason why we remain back-end economy and not a front-end economy.

A great responsibility lies on the shoulders of millennial, who have all the capacity to create brilliant products, to re-wire their mind and think whether they want create a country of original dreams or remain happy with patchwork of adapted western ideas.Indian millennial are different from their previous generations.They are born in digital age , have no dearth of knowledge and are confident about themselves.Moreover, they have been witnessing as well as participating in India’s post 1991 growth period.However, they are also struggling to shrug off the cultural notion that a developing country has to necessary follow trajectory of a western country to be developed.Japan, China are fine examples that meaning of development is not a monopoly of a particular country but can be different for different countries.

India has a fascinating history of achievements and is a pioneer in the field of music, art , science and architecture.Fortunately, today, we have also established ourselves as knowledge house of the world but what is missing is getting our act together.We need to connect the dots and turn ourselves from back-end to a front-end economy and this does not mean that we have to shun western ideas or knowledge.It simply means that we can use all the knowledge available to create products that significantly add value to our society and economy.An example of such an integration is ‘Coke Studio’.Many of the folk songs which had moved into oblivion have been given a new life by ‘Coke Studio’.21st century for educated millennial should not be about survival but about creating a better India built on new and refreshing thoughts.

Leaving you with your beautiful thoughts and two amazing songs.