In 21st century, speed and time are of great essence. In a world where everyone is on move, planning one’s itinerary and expecting it to get executed properly remains one of the top priorities for the majority  of the flock out there. Indigo as a transporter impresses me every time I travel by it. My recent flight from Hyderabad to Delhi on Tuesday evening inspired me to write a blog on the qualities Indigo carries as a transporter. A good transporter inevitably carries three major qualities: Punctuality, Cost Effectiveness and Passenger Experience. Indigo has taught Indian transportation sector that if a transporter focuses on these, its success is inevitable. All other things are just a distraction.

We all have seen Indigo coming from scratch in the Indian market and gained the position of market leader over a period of time. It has over forty percent of market share and with a very healthy top line and bottom line in an intensely competitive aviation sector. It can only be possible if a transporter is very conscious of its cost structure and doesn’t move to profligacy even when it has quite a comfortable market position. I can still see Indigo very focus on its work. There is nothing very flashy about Indigo. Air Hostesses have a pleasant behaviour but I don’t find anything unnecessarily flashy about them. They are just focussed on the things that matter i.e. a good human behaviour. Gone are the days, when stewards or air hostesses were measured by their beauty. Today, Passengers love service providers who can simply be polite and can understand their needs. The beauty quotient has taken a back seat and it is for good because it shows more respect to diversity of a country like India.

The other good thing which gave me Goosebumps is Indigo’s incessant creativity to generate profits. It includes its meal plans ,advertisements, seat selection, merchandise sale and more recently alternate flights plan to get more money out of its valuable seats. I got a message on Tuesday morning which gave me an option to fly by some other flight and also get an handsome cash voucher. It was not because my flight had got cancelled but probably because Indigo felt that my seat is more valuable than what I had paid for it by doing advance booking. Giving me alternate could help them maximise the revenue and at the same time , it provided me a choice to exercise if it suits me.

Lastly , I find Indigo’s aircrafts very clean in comparison to its peers which adds to hygiene factors of the flight. As a person involved in transportation sector, I hope that transportation sector as whole should emulate the good practices Indigo has brought to Indian market. Efficient, punctual and cost effective transportation is one of the missing parts in Indian economy and that’s why we need to celebrate Indigo model which has ensured that Indians have easy and affordable access to flying space. I also wish that Indigo will keep up its standards and will not fall into trap of profligacy which most successful corporations fall into.

Disclaimer: I have no personal or professional interests in Indigo.